Wednesday, December 2, 2015

8 Wordpress Free Plugins That You Must Install In Your Site.

While there are numerous plugins for Wordpress - both free and paid - that extend the functionality of the platform, very handful plugins are 'actually' useful for any site. Selection of plugins depends upon your sites requirement.

Not every plugin is needed for each site and not a single plugin can fit for all too. However there are handful of plugins which are a 'Must Have' for all sites irrespective of the subject and type of the site. These plugins serve the basic needs like speed, optimization, analytics and security. I have listed top 8 free Wordpress plugins that are needed to fulfil these requirements. Lets have a look -

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What are Pinging URLs in Wordpress?

If your website is relatively new it takes time to be noticed by search engines bots. In order to get your content crawled fast, Wordpress offers a 'ping' feature where many ping services are informed about the updation/ modification on your website. Many webmasters tend to ignore this feature however it is one of the basic but important features of Wordpress and must not be ignored.

By default Wordpress pings many services whenever you publish something. However it is always good to add these additional pinging URLs in your pinging list to get maximum benefit.

Below is the list of some pinging URLs that I have compiled through these years.

Monday, November 30, 2015

9 Basic Wordpress Tips that Every Webmaster Must Know!

Are you a -
  • Wordpress website owner with limited knowledge about managing your website?
  • A busy webmaster who creates atleast 5 to 6 new Wordpress websites each month or week?
  • A newbie blogger who created his / her new Wordpress website but not sure how to make it secure and SEO friendly?

No worries, I am sharing few simple and important quick tips that you can just follow to make sure that you are on correct path while managing your Wordpress website. There are few very basic but critically important steps/ actions that every webmaster must take in order to make sure that the Wordpress site is properly optimised and secure. Ignoring these actions may cost you a dear!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to Receive Incoming Emails in a Particular Folder or Label in Gmail?

How often did you wish that if those numerous emails from a same client could have been stored in a particular folder or label automatically? If you are a Gmail user and are interested to see your inbox clean, then you are at right place. Here is a quick trick to help you with this!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Are JPEG, GIF, PNG File Formats And How Are They Different From Each Other?

What is JPEG?

JPEG or JPG (often pronounced as jey-peg) is an image format used to save images in a compressed format and to make them lightweight so that they can be used in websites. Today JPEG is the most common image format used to transfer the data over web and mobile as well as digital camera devices. It supports 16.7 million colors which is highly greater than GIF which supports only 256 colors.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Export a Multipage PDF from Adobe Photoshop CS5?

Many designers must have found it difficult to export PDF from Adobe Photoshop CS4 and CS5.

In earlier version of Photoshop it was quite an easy task as the export wizard was located in file menu under automate option. But with the latest releases of higher version Adobe has put this facility out of Photoshop and merged it in Adobe Bridge. Yes. Adobe Bridge is now used to export a multipage PDF file. It is quite simple, though for new users it may take some time to understand the interface of Bridge. Let us explore the method of exporting a multipage PDF in coming steps -

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here comes my new blog on Designing tips and tricks

And finally the time has come to write and share something useful. Thanks to the projects and tasks which kept me engaged exploring Web Designing, Development and Web Technologies all thorough these years. After running behind deadlines and trying hands on bunch of softwares and languages an idea struck my mind one day...why not share it with my readers?

Then I decided to write off something on designing techniques, Graphics and Animation softwares, Web Development, e-commerce, Search Marketing and so on. So here we go...