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The terms of use listed in this document are bound to change and we hold the supreme right to modify the conditions as and when required. It is advised that you visit this section often to keep yourself updated about any change in the terms. If you are a registered user with us, you will be promptly notified about any changes in terms and policies via email or other means of communication.

We do our best to keep all the information available on TutorialsArea.blogspot.com as accurate and updated as possible, however, we do not guarantee this and hence can’t be held responsible in case it is observed not so.

Ownerships and Copyrights of the Intellectual Property

The content that is offered on this website is solely created by us (our in-house writer’s team) as well as contributed by artists and designers all across the globe.

Rights of the tutorials, training videos, images and articles lies with the respective author or creator of the content.

Use of Images with Watermarks

Watermarks are included in our images in order to protect their misuse by unauthorised entity without permission. You are allowed the use of our graphical elements with the watermark embedded on them. However it is STRICTLY not allowed to remove the watermark and use the modified design element and it will be considered as breach of this agreement.

Who can Use the Website?

Below are the terms under which the usage of the website is allowed.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You will not involve into any activity that may infringe the intellectual property rights of TutorialsArea.blogspot.com or its associates.
  • You have completely read, understood and promise to abide by the points listed in this document.
  • You will not use any automatic data collection software or method to obtain data from our website.
  • You promise not to use any of our product and services in any project that implies racial, sexual, or otherwise offensive and disrespectful work.
  • You will not manipulate the access and use of this website by unfair means (using iframes, etc.)

Association with Third Party Websites

We have partnered with third party ad networks like Google Adsense as well as some trusted affiliate networks. We may also publish the links pointing to other websites may or may not relate or directly associated with TutorialsArea.blogspot.com or its business. However this is done for your convenience and does not imply any type association, linkage or endorsement to the third party websites in question. We do not have control over the terms of usage of any third party or external website. Use of such websites and purchase of their products or services MUST be done at your own discretion.

Guarantee, Warranties and Disclaimers

All the content including articles, videos and tutorials provided by TutorialsArea.blogspot.com are provided on “as is” basis. We do not guarantee their accuracy and correctness at any point of time. We provide no guarantee in case the content is not up to your expectation and complete satisfaction. Under no conditions will TutorialsArea.blogspot.com be held liable for any losses or damages caused due to the use of the content offered at TutorialsArea.blogspot.com

If you have any questions regarding these terms of use, please, do not hesitate email us at samuelmills121@gmail.com

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