Wednesday, December 2, 2015

8 Wordpress Free Plugins That You Must Install In Your Site.

While there are numerous plugins for Wordpress - both free and paid - that extend the functionality of the platform, very handful plugins are 'actually' useful for any site. Selection of plugins depends upon your sites requirement.

Not every plugin is needed for each site and not a single plugin can fit for all too. However there are handful of plugins which are a 'Must Have' for all sites irrespective of the subject and type of the site. These plugins serve the basic needs like speed, optimization, analytics and security. I have listed top 8 free Wordpress plugins that are needed to fulfil these requirements. Lets have a look -

1. Akismet

Developed by the parent company Automattic itself Akismet is probably world's no 1 comment spam filtering plugin. It comes in Premium form as well however its free version too is too powerful for your Wordpress site unless your site is huge or your requirements are bigger.

2. Wordpress SEO by Yoast

Founder of Yoast - Joost de Valk - is a renowned web personality who has contributed a lot to wordpress community. His SEO plugin is the best free plugin to optimize the wordpress site. It offers higher version at a premium cost. However free version is also good to go.

3. Captcha by BestWebSoft

There are many captcha plugins out there but I prefer the captcha plugin by BestWebSoft. It gives captcha on any login form, registration form, comments and reset password form. With captcha on login page you can prevent automatic bots to try accessing the form. Also when captcha plugin is combined with security plugin, you can restrict number of login attempts by hackers and unauthorised entities.

4. Contact Form 7

Comment Form 7 is by far the most easy to integrate form plugin. Its setting is so easy that even a kid can configure it. Only thing it lacks is the record of the emails received via the contact form which I believe the developer should consider integrating in the plugin.

5. Google Analytics by Yoast

Yet another fantastic plugin by Yoast! A trusted name of Yoast gives this plugin an added weightage. IN order to track the visits and session of your site this is the leading free plugin available. If you want additional features, you can go for a premium.

6. WPSmush

Image compression plugins are generally recommended for graphic laden websites. However I believe that we should not leave any stone unturned to make the site light and fast loading even if it does not contain those many images. I strongly recommend to hae the free version of WPSmush plugin which easily compresses the images to make them load faster without loosing the quality.

7. Jetpack

Jetpack is yet another wonder plugin by Automattic. It offers plethora of options and features to add new functionality to your wordpress ssite. Some of its key features contain Contact form, Responsive design, social media sharing options, CDN support for content, etc. This all-in-one plugin may help you remove dependency on rest of the plugins by giving you many features in one plugin only.

8. Security Plugins

Well, how can we forget about the security of the website? There are 3 best in the industry plugins available which do commendable job with their free version provided your site is small and having moderate features and traffic. These are –
You need to take some time to install and explore the features offered by these awesome plugins. Their premium version offer even more features. The feature that I liked in these plugins is they send you an email each time a registered user log in or try to login or attempts password recovery, etc. They also send you mail whenever any failed login attempt takes place thereby giving you alert about possible hackers attack.

That’s all Folks! These free plugins will surely make life easy for you.

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